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For more than thousands of years the massage has been present as the most favorable and the most desirable means to relax. Ancient civilizations and men of medicine throughout history used different methods and techniques of massaging. Numerous herbs, oils and other remedial substances were exploited for the benefits of a good massage. Many of these techniques survived today. After a long tiring working day nothing feels as good as a massage.

Massage therapy relaxes the muscles and the whole body recovers from the overexertion, stress and tightness. Gentle massaging touches and aroma oil soothe the pains and provide a relief. Not only does the massage have a relaxing effect it also provides a means to prevent and even cure some ailments and medical conditions.


There is a lot of evidence on what massages can do to the body and health. Probably the first and the best possible effect of a good massage is the fact that it relieves the stress. Stress is believed to be the cause of a vast number of diseases. Massaging provides a pain relief and reduces stress and anxiety instantly. The more massages a person has, the better he or she feels. Gentle hand pressure during the massage relaxes tight muscles stimulates blood circulation so a person recovers energy he or she lacked before. Better circulation means that the body will be provided with oxygen and other elements needed for healthy growth and the function of cells and organs. Such energy renewal greatly reduces signs of depression and irritability.

It is noted that massaging lowers the blood pressure regulates the heart beating and is beneficial to the memory and a good night's sleep. During the massage, body and mind are in harmony which results in the feeling of happiness and emotional peacefulness. Massaging induces the better flow of lymph which helps the immune system.

Together with better blood circulation it affects the skin quality. Some physical injuries are treated with certain massages since the massaging can relive the pains, ease the swelling or muscle tightness and makes joints more flexible. It also prevents cramps. Massaging stimulates endorphin, a chemical that takes part in vital processes during excitement, pains or workouts, so it helps the athletes and people recovering from an operation or other medical treatment. Massaging can eliminate many discomforts such as back pains, headaches, atrophied muscles and movement problems. If a person has a massage two or three times a week he or she is not likely to use medications for pains and other troubles.

Massage techniques are diverse and innumerable some of them being: Reiki, Rolfing, Shiatsu, and Craniosacral Therapy. Whichever technique one chooses, it will definitely provide good relief and a quality relaxation therapy.

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