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Panasonic Massage Chairs are on the market for nearly 40 years. These great machines are made according to the highest standards, equipped with high grade steel rollers, and extremely durable. These machines are carefully designed to exactly reproduce the techniques typically used by a therapist. Having such a chair in a home or office is one of the best investments one can ever make, since they provide truly amazing realistic massage. The new line of Panasonic massage chairs is innovated and redesigned to provide even more quality, durability and style. Here is a quick review their most affordable new models.
Panasonic EP 1080
This is an entry level massage chair from the new Urban collection. The chair has 4 pre-set programs and eight manual modes. It promotes muscle relaxation, improves the posture and eases the pain. One can choose among chiro mode, Swedish massage, shiatsu and quick 5-minute program, which include eight manual modes: kneading, Hawaiian, compression, tapping, soft shiatsu, full and regional roll, and Swedish.
Panasonic EP1285
This chair is made with refined leather upholstery, available in black and brown color. The EP1285 massages the whole body as it comes with the Air Ottoman System that massages the lower legs and raises in 20 degree increments. This provides simultaneous massage and stretching of the lower legs, which is especially beneficial for people who spend their working day standing.
Panasonic EP-MA51
This machine is great for therapeutic muscle relaxation and significant improvement of blood circulation. What makes this one really unique is that it combines a large seat airbag with a small one to grasp and gently twist the body and provide fantastic stretch of the back. Trunk rotation and pelvic tilt will help to release all of the pressure and tension from the lower back. This chair also divides the back into the regions making it easy to program a chair in such a way to focus on only one region for maximum effect.
Panasonic EP-MS40 Sofa Chair
This is the most luxurious of all models presented here. It is designed to fit perfectly to the owner’s living room while providing fantastic therapeutic benefits. This model also has a foot-massaging extension that is normally hidden when the chair is not used. As other Panasonic massage chairs, this is also approved by the American Chiropractic Association. This significant certification stand for their demonstrated health benefits, deep-tissue relief, and temporary relaxation of muscular tension. Many people in the need of treatment will greatly benefit from Panasonic massage chairs.

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