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Massage and Pregnancy

There seem to be certain circles which are against allowing women relaxation and happiness during pregnancy. Well, maybe not literally, but we all know that massages can provide with all these benefits. Yet, massage during pregnancy is often considered a taboo and there are many claims which speak of dangers related to these procedures.

However, when done correctly, massages can relieve a pregnant woman of many different hardships related to this otherwise beautiful period and make the birth itself less painful and complicated. Thus, all you need to know is what kind of a massage is suitable for a pregnant woman.

The Common Misconceptions

The first misconception that circles around is the false belief that women during their pregnancy should not have their feet massaged. However, stimulating certain points in this area, usually around the ankles, can make a woman more relaxed and can ensure a healthier labor conditions for her, contrary to popular belief that this may cause premature labor. Therefore, do not fear foot massages, since these are more than beneficial during your pregnancy.

Unfortunately, these myths evolved into claims that even getting your feet rubbed can be dangerous. This further grew into “all massages during pregnancy are dangerous” attitude, which is an utter nonsense. Reflexology massages, deep tissue massage and many other methods have been proven safe during pregnancy and can be practiced without fears. On the contrary, rest assured that these can help you during this period of your life.

Benefits of Massages during Pregnancy

Believe it or not, again contrary to popular belief, experts assure you that reflexology massages can relieve a pregnant woman of heartburn, morning sickness, high blood pressure, swelling, constipation and many other hardships which usually go hand-in-hand with pregnancy.

Moreover, you are bound to sleep better once you undergo massage treatments, even if you opt for the gentle Swedish massage. Additionally, your muscles will be more relaxed, your immunity boosted, you will feel more energetic and strong and your child will have a better flow of all the nutrients it needs during its development.

All in all, do not keep your feet safe from health, since this is not very productive. Rather, let your feet experience these useful massages and help yourself go through the pregnancy process with utter ease. Moreover you may combine massages of this type with mild and moderate exercises and a healthy life, making your pregnancy a great experience, keeping all negative side-effects of it at bay.

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