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Unfortunately reflexology was and still is overlooked because as a society we were in such a rush to get into the modern medicine. Reflexology has so many benefits and the payback have been known to humans for many, many years.History of Reflexology

It originated in 2330 B.C in the ancient Egypt, we know this because it was recorded at the time. In other countries such as India and China. It is practiced because it is believed that the pressure points on the feet and the hands are directly linked to the different areas of the whole body. One Simple Benefit

One of the benefits that most people know about and what a lot of massage therapists and chiropractors use is the one that alleviates the headaches. How to do it, it’s simple really, you use the pressure point situated in the base of the thumb. It is exactly on the inside of the hand at the base of the thumb next to the palm, if you apply pressure there next time you have a headache you will feel the relief immediately.

Other Benefits to Reflexology

When you are in pain or feeling overly tired because of pain or discomfort it can and will inevitably bring your spirits down. So as well as helping you physically, reflexology will help you psychologically. Relieve the pain thus feel better. If you suffer with a bad back and you see a reflexologist then you will be more active. If you have arthritis then you will get a better blood flow. It is also known for helping those who tend to suffer with panic attacks, by applying pressure on certain points of the hands and the feet it can and will give the individual a relaxed state of being. By just using relaxation pressure points in reflexology it will have many hidden benefits and not just simply relaxation. For example, once the body is relaxed fully then the body can finally release the toxins its been holding onto, these toxins are one of the main causes of pains and aches. You can see the damage of toxins by liver damage, problems with the digestive tract and even pimples.

What to Do

There is an expression no foot, no horse. Well, it applies to humans as well. It is a well known fact the toxins primarily get into the body via the feet thus by walking around with no shoes on your feet you are basically inviting diseases and pain. So wear shoes and see a relexologist if you have any aches whatsoever.

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