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Recovery and wounds

When someone is recovery from an injury or a surgery, they will have a wound that they will have to take care of greatly.

There are so many horror stories about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, staph infections, amputations, and things of that nature that can make people worry about their recovery process, even if they are spending that time in the hospital, where they are supposed to feel safe.

Post-surgery recovery can cause a great amount of concern for many people, because everything must be sterile in order to avoid infections that could potentially be life threatening since, after a surgery, the body is vulnerable as the immune system has been weakened and compromised.

When recovering from a surgery, it is a good idea to maintain good nutrition and supplementation in order to ensure that the wounds will heal both properly and quickly.

Herbs and supplements can improve the immune system, which will ward off infections.

There are herbs that are especially helpful for keeping the immune system strong. Herbs and supplements

Zinc needs to be taken before the surgery, because it can reduce the time that the wound takes to heal, and it can also reduce the wound size and strengthen the immune function in order to help guard from infections. It will also help the body heal faster from surgery and trauma.

Zinc needs to be taken regularly for four to six weeks before a planned surgery.

Vitamin C is very important to a full recovery after an operation. The levels of vitamin C tend to drop in burn victims, post-op patients, and other victims of trauma. About 300mg a day needs to be taken after the surgery.

However, it is important to make sure that a person is not taking in synthetic forms of the vitamin.

Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in pineapples and it can be great for reducing swelling after an operation. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and it will also boost the immune system in order to reduce pain, bruising, tenderness, frostbite, and burns.

It works much like ibuprofen does, but unlike ibuprofen, it will not be harmful for the liver.

Chlorella will also be useful, because studies have determined that it speeds up cell growth and helps to naturally repair wounds of all types.

It can be found in a variety of superfood products and health food stores and the best brand to buy is Yaeyama, because it is the most high-quality Japanese kind.

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