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Right After You Have Been Stung

Before doing anything else which involves treating the place where a wasp has stung you, make sure to check out the very spot in order to find any remains of the stinger. If you find some, try to get it out of the wound in order to prevent any further venom expelling into your system. After doing that, you may apply numerous different remedies in order to treat the spot of the sting.

Possible Remedies for a Wasp Sting

First of all, nature has its offer of flowers and herbs excellent for treating wasp stings. Namely, you may take either marigold flower or basil leaves and press one of them directly over the sting mark. This will prevent it from swelling and causing any complications. Additional remedies belonging to this category are aloe vera leaves, plantanin and winter savory. From the leaves of aloe vera you can squeeze the gel mass and apply it onto the wound. As for plantanine and winter savory, you may crush a couple of leaves in order to trigger the juices before applying them onto the spot.

Second group of available remedies for this condition may be found in your very house. Firstly, there is ice. You might take a pack of ice, wrap it in a piece of cloth and, as such, applying it onto the spot for about 20 minutes. Secondly, you may use either baking soda or salt in order to make a high density paste which you can rub onto the stung area. Vinegar or lemon juice application is also a very good option. Further on, a slice of lemon placed on the spot may do the trick just as well, removing any irritations and neutralizing the wasp venom. As far as similar remedies are concerned, you can use cucumber, potato, garlic, or onion slices in order to achieve the same effect as the one mentioned above.

There are other useful remedies involving some of the ingredients mentioned here, and their possible combinations. The most common consists of salt and garlic, mixed and applied over the sting area.

If All Else Fails

Along with following the pieces of advice mentioned above, you should also keep the spot clean at all times in order to rule out possible infections. However, if the sting spot continues to be irritating, swells further and spreads the swelling itself, you might need to seek medical attention. Also, any difficulties in talking, movement, sight and other sensory or motor skills, provoked by being stung by a single or multiple wasps, all indicate your necessity for being medically administered. Neglecting these indicators may even result in death, thus, make sure you react timely and visit your doctor.

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