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Alternative Medicine – Facts

Non-conventional approach to medicine is often able to restore healthy functioning of the body, using different methods. This so-called alternative medicine uses exercises, natural remedies and healthy lifestyle and food to promote the well being and restore the balance in a human body.

Conventional medicine relies on medications and physical treatments that can relieve the symptoms of the disease, but it also frequently causes many side effects. Naturopathy, however, treat the whole patient and requires the person to take active role in his (or her) healing. The process used to treat the person usually includes all aspects of an individual seeking for help, such as mind, body and soul.

Another difference between conventional and alternative medicine is in the use of medications. Conventional medicine uses the drugs, while alternative practitioners base their healing on the nature’s powers, believing that the human body possesses the ability to heal itself.

Hippocrates, who is often called “the father of modern medicine”, may also be considered as the founder of alternative treatment principles. He was said to believe in the motto “above all, do no harm” to the patient, and if the treatment was to harm the patients, that is, body in any way he wasn’t eager to try it on.

Modern-day Alternative Treatments

There are more than 80 millions of Americans using various alternative methods for the treatment of many medical conditions. Every day, the number of patients using alternative healing methods is rapidly increasing, because people are more and more convinced that naturopathic medicine can be extremely efficient. People using these treatments reported similar experiences. They are finding natural remedies to cure the cause of their illnesses or problems, helping their body to cope and defend from medical problem they had.

These people are tangible proofs that herbal and other natural remedies actually work. Apart from being used on their own, conventional and alternative treatments may be combined. People who have used both of these therapies always reported better experiences and results than those treated only with the means of conventional medicine alone.

There are several principles of modern naturopathic medicine, and they include Hippocrates’ motto “do not harm”. Also, it is very important to identify and treat the cause of patients, problem, not only the symptoms he or she has. According to these principles, each individual patient should be treated as the whole. Naturopaths consider the Nature as the Healer and they believe that what people eat can prevent or cure various medical conditions. Prevention is the best cure there is, and the goal of each therapist is to actively involve the patient in his or her treatment and establish the health and well being after the course of the treatment.

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