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Types of alternative medicine

The alternative

This increasingly favored “branch” of medicine, familiar as well under the name of Eastern medicine, has been employed for the treatment purposes for centuries now and is still going strong. At its core is the philosophy and the belief that our body holds the power and the ability for self-healing. The preferred treatment approaches are holistic in nature and they further add up to the effectiveness of this treatment technique, making use of numerous medical systems, practices and a variety of natural products. In comparison to the more traditional and conventional medicine of the West, the main difference lies in the fact that the latter employs medications, complemented with technology, despite the fact that, even though there are many alternative techniques available, the practice is fairly limited as compared to the more traditional medicine. But this does not stop people from turning to it, and the numbers are only increasing once the traditional medicine provides no results.


The prevailing philosophy of alternative medicine is that the emotional and mental factors influence to a great extent one’s overall health. The body and mind techniques, which alternative medicine makes use of, can be employed in the treatment of many conditions and illnesses such as panic disorders, anxiety, depression, headaches, pain chronic in nature, coronary artery disease, incontinence, insomnia and the list goes on and on. The techniques in question have also been found extremely helpful in childbirth and in dealing with such difficult and severe illnesses as cancer, for example.

Techniques and methods

When it comes to the techniques, those most frequently used and practiced are considered to be meditation, different relaxation techniques, hypnosis, guided imagery and biofeedback.

  • Bio treatments rely on the use of various kinds of substances that are available in nature, which involves various herbs, vitamins and healthy foods. What is meant by herbs are different plants and plant extracts, which are employed for the purpose of ameliorating the manifestations of different conditions and illnesses. Foods include fresh, whole and unprocessed food, which abounds in vitamins, nutrients and also minerals. And last but not the least, are vitamins in the form of diet supplements.
  • Acupuncture and acupressure represent treatment techniques employed for the alleviation of pain, affecting specific areas of the person’s body. Acupuncture is based on the use of needles, which are poked in the predetermined areas and are later manipulated for the purpose of achieving the wanted result. Acupressure is based on practically the same foundations, the only difference being that instead of needles, the practitioner makes use of his/her hands, as well as other body parts, to apply pressure for achieving the same goal as with the acupuncture.

Other most commonly employed alternative treatment techniques are also chiropractic medicine, various massage therapies and energy therapies. 

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