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People tend to look back for so many reasons. Some do thisin order to see what is behind, or to see how far we have come, or to just seeif someone is behind us. There are many reasons why we are doing this and thisis something that people are trying to find out more about them, and some have found answers inthe Far East. Many health problems present in the world of today are beingtreated by the holistic medicine from the past. The names used for this is CAM, or the complementaryand alternative medicine.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The ability to prevent or cure diseases is notwhat CAM wants. There are alternatives to the modern medicine and this is something which is becoming more and more popular in the US, where 50% ofpopulation has tried this sort of medicine. CAM considers many things and itsnumber is increasing. Even conventional medicine has uses for certain therapiesfrom the CAM since they proved to be very effective and efficient. Alternative and complementary medicines are two different things and are not interchangeable.Conventional medicine is used together with the modern medicine and it aids thehealing of the body with the help of essential oils, herbs, magnets and manyother items. Conventional practices are sometimes substituted by thealternative medicine, which does not resemble modern medicine. Wellbeingof the human body can be preserved by the CAM, which is why more than 44billion of dollars were given in 1997 for the CAM by the American people. More thanthird of adults from the America use CAM medicine.


This number increases to 62% when we add prayer andmultivitamin used for treatments along the CAM. Demographically, CAM isspreading to every region of the planet but in some areas, people are more opento this sort of treatment. Also, it is interesting to say that males use CAM less than females. People, who are former smokers, those who were hospitalized during past year or have a higher education level use CAM more. Some of the problems people tend to use CAM for are joint, back, head and neck pain, but it can be used for many other problems as well. Other problems commonly treated with CAM are sleeping problems, depression and anxiety. There are three reasons why people use CAM more and those are lack of funds for the conventional treatment, inefficiency of the conventional treatment and belief in great benefits of conventional medicine and CSAM combined.

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