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Colors that Heal

In order to understand many of the branches of alternative medicine and accept their potentials, we need to escape the clutches of our current beliefs and our previously acquired knowledge. Thus, we must accept alternative ways of interpreting our health, our well-being and other things related to our existence since we are still far away from completely understanding ourselves.

Chromotherapy, therefore, is a form of medicine which bases its effect upon the fact that we function by channeling energy from the world around us, through our bodies, being affected by everything that surrounds us. Thus, this energy needs to be balanced in order for us to be healthy and capable of functioning properly.

Sometimes, however, this balance is disrupted and chromotherapy believes that, through our exposure to certain colors, we can restore it and, this way, heal ourselves.

Even though this method has not yet been officially accepted, there have been quite positive results related to its practice and many people were successfully treated by chromotherapy, giving rise to its potential.

Gemstones, fabrics, prisms and many other translucent materials and materials which bear color are used for chromotherapy stimulation. Below are the most commonly used colors, with their purpose and their effects explained.

Each Color Has a Power

Red is the color of fire. Thereby, it is related to our cardiovascular system, predominantly the heart which is the organ of life in our body, as the fiery sun gives us life from above. Anemia, asthma, throat diseases and many other conditions are, thereby, treated with exposure to the red color. However, excessive red in our organism may lead to violence, cruelty, anxiousness and some other problems.

Orange has had great success in treating depression, mental illnesses and pessimistic behavior in general. It is known as the color of empathy and sympathetic behavior. Also, it is good for our heart health. Yet, too much of it gives birth to confusion, fatigue and lack of positive attitude.

Yellow reflects light very well and is used for treating our lymphatic glands as well as our nervous and immune system. Excess of it makes us devious and prone to malice.

Green stands for harmony and peace. It treats bronchitis, edemas, arthritis, eye diseases and cysts. Also, it stimulates our body's detoxification. Too much green means jealousy and insecurity.

Blue is also the color of peace. It relieves headaches, cramps and liver problems, along with any possible pain. Too much blue gives you the blues, melancholy and doubt.

Finally, indigo treats ear, throat and the nose, along with mental issues. It helps people overcome addictions and it stops bleeding. Excess of it makes one addictive, violent and insensible.

Violet calms us and takes a good care of our spleen, making us fanatics if we are too exposed to it.

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