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Reducing weight has become an obsession for some people, which resulted with those people using all sorts of methods for eliminating the excessive fat tissue. Of course, this is a wrong approach, because losing weight is no brainer. The problem is in our heads and usually the biggest one is not eating junk food or overeating anymore. That is a big change that requires a lot of will power and inner strength, and this is where many people fail to succeed. With so many stresses in life, eating something tasty and not so healthy is one of the ways in which we deal with that stress.

To diet or to exercise, or to do both?

The easiest way to eliminate fat lies in reduction of food taken, but the fact is that it is not that simple. The thing that one should be careful about is the balance of nutrients that we need for a normal functioning. Those nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins since all those need to be ingested each day so that we can remain healthy. Healthy also means having a strong immune system that will easily deal with many medical problems that might occur.

Exercising is very important, for it keeps the body strong and strong muscles do require activating the basal metabolism that will burn the excessive fat. Exercises should be appropriate, nothing too strenuous, and exerting, it might only push someone away from being physical active. Having a good diet and moderate exercises combined might be the perfect solution for reaching that fit and strong body.

hCG diet

Some say that hormones are responsible for both weight gaining and reducing and to some point, that is true. There are several diets that utilize the power of hormones for changing the process in the organism. hCG diet protocol is an interesting one, since it is based on the application of hCG injections. hCG is a hormone that can be found in all of us, but its excretion is at peak in women when they become pregnant. Actually, those quick pregnancy tests are based on analyzing hCG levels in woman's body. In diet, hCG is used for fat elimination and it is effective. The problem is that most of variations of hCG diets use very low calories intake, so it is not known if the loss of fat tissue happens because of hCG directly, or because of the very low amount of calories taken each day.

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