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Life Without Low Self-Esteem

We all know how important self-esteem is in our lives. We are not able to function normally in our human society if we have issues with self-respect, since we need to feel exceptionally well and satisfied with who and what we are in order to be truly happy. For these reasons, and many others which are bound to come hand-in-hand with or without self-esteem, you are bound to realize that you need to respect yourself more since this is the key to success. Of course, this does not mean that you have to be a self-centered snob. On the contrary, you simply need to feel great for who you are and what your achievements are, this feeling of satisfaction with oneself reflecting upon the rest of your life subsequently.

How To Boost Your Self-Esteem?

Every individual on the face of the Earth has something he/she is excellent in. Moreover, this can be more than a single thing. Thus, your first step towards an abundance of healthy self-esteem is to write down things you are good at, knowing which things you can do best and with most enjoyment, focusing on these throughout your life, rather than actions which will make you depressed, sad or unhappy due to your inability to perform them perfectly. Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something. So, find your own something and put it down for you to remind yourself of your skills.

Next, give yourself credit for your work at least three times a day. Again, this should not feed your ego. Rather, it should be a positive motivation, accepting your achievements. Pat yourself on the back saying “Well done!” or something similar, giving yourself well-deserved credits and a morale boost.

The following step involves self recognition. Namely, we know that we are bombarded with commercials and TV shows which promote thin, muscular and generic people as beautiful. However, knowing that the media is not there for you, but, rather, for the profit of those controlling it, you should not pay attention to these physical provocations. Be satisfied with your body, even though it is not chiseled from stone. We are all special and beautiful in our own way. Those who cannot realize this are, obviously, not so beautiful in their minds, therefore making you not interested in their opinion in the first place. Consider yourself a unique, beautiful individual, having many traits which are more than attractive.

Therefore, accept your limits, since we are only humans and this life is to short to be spent in catching what cannot be caught. Rather, enjoy your life to the fullest, accepting other people's criticism only if it is based on a common sense and not stupidity. Finally, if sometimes this criticism may cause a tiny voice of self-doubt in your head, be prepared to shut its mouth with adequate arguments signifying your incredible worth and beautiful uniqueness.

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