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Self esteem is a psychology term used to describe one’s overall evaluation of his or her own worth. Practically, self esteem is one’s own opinion about himself; it is how much one values himself or how important he thinks he is. High self esteem is characterized as a good opinion about oneself and low self esteem means that a person has bad opinion about self. Self esteem is a personal feeling deeply buried within one’s mind. Having a lot of self esteem doesn’t mean bragging about how special one is, it is more like quietly knowing own worth.

The importance of self esteem

Self esteem is very important as it helps one to hold his head high and feel proud of himself no matter what he does and to what kind of life crisis he gets into. Self esteem also gives us the courage to try new things in life and make important decisions from which we can truly benefit. For example, self esteem is important in professional life as it gives us the necessary strength to ask for promotion or to express fresh and new ideas. It is crucial for every healthy social relationship, with family, friends or job supervisors. Self esteem lets one respect himself, even when he makes mistakes. It also helps one to realize his own desires and goals for life and makes one less likely to follow the crowd and do something undesired or wrong only because the others are doing so. Simply put, self esteem holds a special role in self development.

Building self esteem

Self esteem is not something that we’re born with. It takes a lot of time and self evaluation to build a strong self esteem. This feeling is usually built upon the experience of success. Whenever people experience success they grow in self confidence gradually developing the capacity to cope with whatever gets in their way. The first step to building self esteem is to stop trying to please everyone around. It is important to take some time to be alone and reflect on one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Positive or affirmative thinking is one of the best strategies to develop one’s own potential. If one repeats something frequently he truly starts to believe it is true. It is like an exercise in which one reminds himself everyday how much he is worth. It is also important to accept everything about yourself and face own fears while taking complete responsibility for your actions.

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