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Low self-esteem can make all the difference between one's happy and satisfied life and one's gloomy, depressive and negative existence. Basically, when people lack self-esteem, this affects their everyday life, including their job performance, personal life and relationships and their attitude towards the world around them. They are filled with negativity which does little to help them progress, but much to set them back.

You and the Mind's Mirror

Fortunately, cognitive behavioral therapy is a great method for helping people replace their existing, negative outlook on life with a more positive one, boosting their self-esteem in the process. What you think about yourself is what you are. Many times, people have negative images of themselves imprinted in their mind, resulting in low self-esteem and negativity. Thus, if you look in the mirror and see a positive, happy and wonderful person, your self-esteem will be boosted. Naturally, if your self-image is negative, your attitude will be affected by this fact and you will lack self-confidence.

So, do your best to change the way you perceive yourself. Some of the following steps might help you achieve this.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

First of all, you need to pinpoint the problem. Most people who have problems with their self-confidence have triggers for this state of affairs. Sometimes, a loss you have endured, or a task you need to perform, or an exposure to the negativity of others, all may be factors behind your lack of self-esteem.

Secondly, once you establish the problem, start dealing with it. Talk to yourself and make sure you motivate yourself towards change.

Next, rule out your negativity. Usually, you can notice the effects of your negative mental outlook through physical, emotional or behavioral symptoms. Namely, low self-esteem can lead to muscle tension, heart or stomach problems, sleeping disorders or sweating. Moreover, you may not be able to concentrate, feeling depressed, sad, angry, guilty or worried. Then, you may eat, even when you are not hungry, isolate yourself from the rest of the world and start being obsessed with minor matters, blaming others for your own lack of self-esteem.

Thus, in order to get rid of these potential problems, you need to change your ways. Stop looking at things in black and white. This means not blaming yourself when you fail, believing that you are a failure. Rather, move on, searching for new victories, avoiding crying over spilled milk.

Also, think positive and keep the negative thoughts filtered. If you do something good, do not undermine your achievements. Rather, praise yourself. Alternatively, do not be a pessimist, being discouraged by smallest problems. Finally, do not put yourself down. Stay positive and enjoy life whatever course it may take.

All in all, remember: you need to believe in yourself and learn how to forgive yourself for the mistakes you might make. Focus on the positive aspects of life and encourage yourself towards progress, even when the odds seem against you. You deserve all the happiness you can get, so do not give up on your dreams.

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