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Facts about smoking

It is estimated that about one third of the male population in the whole world are active smokers.The fact that even 7 people die every minute due to smoking is devastating and shocking.The lung cancer is caused by smoking in the 90% of the cases.A single cigarette contains even 50 known cancerous substances and more than 4,000 other toxic chemicals.

Harmful effects of smoking cigarettes

Many people start to smoke while still teenagers. In those years, a teenager’s individuality and personality are not yet formed and well-defined, which is why they try different things, including the tobacco smoking. On the other side, many teenagers begin to smoke to seem “cool” to their friends, but they do not know that they will experience the side effects of smoking and when they grasp that, it is already too late since they are already addicted to cigarettes.

The people who are active smokers are at higher risk to develop oral cancer when compared to other people, and their gums and teeth may turn black and become stained. Apart from the oral cancer, the lung cancer is another major side effect of long-term smoking. The smokers also have greater chances to develop some heart disease and suffer from stroke or heart attack when compared to the people who do not consume cigarettes.

Metabolic rate and immunity levels are disturbed due to smoking so the smokers always feel sluggish and tired and their bodies must use higher amounts of nutrients than it is normal in order to perform the simplest tasks. One of the most obvious negative impacts of smoking is the premature aging skin with dark circles and numerous wrinkles. Instead of previous glow, the skin becomes pale and even dry. Furthermore, it is observed that those people who smoke are the most prone to gaining weight. Emphysema, asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis are some of disease related to the respiratory system, particularly the lungs, and they are all partly developed due to the harmful effects of cigarette smoking.

Pregnant woman should stop smoking once they discover they are pregnant since smoking can even cause sudden infant death syndrome or the serious defects in the newborn child since the levels of carbon monoxide are highly increased and the baby does not get sufficient amounts of necessary oxygen.The passive smokers are also at risk to develop some of the above mentioned condition although the risk is not so high. Therefore, the law for forbidden smoking in public places is introduced in many countries in order to protect people who are not smokers.

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