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The 33% of the world's male population smokes and the people who are not fond of this activity are exposed to the secondhand smoke. For those who do not know, smoking is the activity of smoking and inhaling the cured or dried tobacco leaves, while secondhand smoking happens when you inhale the exhaled smoke from a person who smokes. Many reasons lead to the smoking of tobacco, mostly in the form of cigarettes, and some of them are pleasure and looking cool. Smoking very easily forms a habit and this is very dangerous because usually person starts to smoke due to the influence of a friend and not due to pleasure. But after a while, smoking becomes a habit for a lifetime.


Cyanide and nicotine are some of the dangerous chemicals found in the tobacco. They can lead to death and this is something everybody knows but still cannot quit smoking because nicotine is very addictive, which is why you will not be able to stop smoking easily. The brain will also be affected by nicotine but you will not be able to see this because you and your brain will think that smoking and effects of the nicotine are normal. There are so many harmful effects of smoking and the governments worldwide are well aware of the problem, which is why they are trying to correct the problem with numerous campaigns step by step. Smoke from the cigarettes will increase the heart rate due to mix of nicotine and carbon monoxide. This will stress the blood vessels and heart, thus causing hypertension or high blood pressure. Stroke and heart attack are some of the problems that can occur due to smoking because the fat deposits in the arteries will cause their narrowing and this is a result of smoking. Narrowing will cause problems with oxygen and blood supply, leading to hand and feet paralysis. Smoking causes one third of heart diseases in total.

Bladder, stomach, throat and lung cancer are some of the cancers that can be caused by smoking. Smoking causes 87% of lung cancer cases and 30% of cancer in general. Tobacco smoke has tar, which causes the cancer. Peptic ulcers and heartburn can be a result of smoking, due to the lower esophageal sphincter weakening, which allows the acidic juices to enter in the esophagus. Fertility issues can be experienced due to the exposure to the secondhand smoking during the childhood and adulthood, especially among women. The risks of miscarriage are increased as well. There are many issues that smoking causes and some of them are yellow teeth, bad breath and weak immune system. Smoking can harm the baby if a mother smokes during pregnancy, and it can make a life of every person shorter. It increases the chances of pneumonia, bronchitis and other respiratory system problems.

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