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Effects of smoking while pregnant - warnings and risks

Say No to Smoking during Pregnancy

We all know that smoking is bad for our health. Yet, many people are unable to stop smoking even when they know that their habit can kill them eventually. Moreover, pregnant woman who smoke risk the health of their baby with every cigarette they smoke. Be careful, since there are many health problems your baby might have, directly caused by your selfish desire to poison your own body with addictive substances which are a far cry from healthy. Read on to find out exactly how smoking affects you soon to be born baby.

Smoking and Pregnancy

Cigarettes contain more than 2000 harmful materials, mainly toxins and dangerous chemicals. All these can affect the development of the child inside your body since, while you are smoking, your baby is exposed to the negative effects of this action too.

The first way in which cigarettes can affect your baby is the body weight. Namely, babies born from a smoker mother tend to weigh less than those whose mothers are not addicted to cigarettes. Moreover, these, lighter babies are likely to experience more health problems in life and during childhood than those babies who are born healthy and in good physical condition.

Many abnormalities may affect the newborn child, solely due to smoking of the mother. Eye problems, aesthetic and symmetry defects, ear, face and spinal cord malformations as well as bowel problems are just some of many possible negative effects of tobacco consumption inflicted upon your baby.

All these problems may evolve during the life of your child, triggering asthma and numerous other health complications which will trouble him/her through life. This is a high price your own child has to pay for your unhealthy habit. Therefore, make sure you stop smoking before having a baby and provide your future child proper development in your own, healthy, body.

Quitting smoking is a hard process, since nicotine develops an addiction. Surely, you will face numerous withdrawal symptoms. However, you are to stay persistent for the sake of your child. After the birth, you are supposed to continue your life without cigarettes since you do not want your child to make the same mistakes you did. Keep the child safe from smoke and avoid taking him/her to environments where there is cigarette smoke around, since passive smoking can be just as dangerous as cigarette smoking is.

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