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An Ignorantly Dangerous Habit

Many people consider themselvespassionate cigarette smokers. However, just a few of them arecompletely aware of what they are doing. Most of the smokers simplyindulge in this habit for stress release, fashion, social issues, orsome other things. Nevertheless, hardly ever does one stop and thinkabout materials his or her cigarette consists of. The majority ofsmokers satisfy themselves with the fact that there is nicotine andtobacco being inhaled and exhaled in and from their bodies daily.Little do they know that these two elements might be the least oftheir concerns.

A Terribly Unhealthy Habit

Although the main ingredient ofcigarettes is tobacco, there are numerous additions to these leaves.Namely, taking into consideration that this plant has an unwantedhabit of burning too fast, numerous chemicals are added in order toincrease the flavor and prolong the smoking experience. Thus, onceyou inhale that smoke from your cigarette, be aware that around 4000of different chemicals are getting inserted into your organism aswell. Moreover, be prepared to face the fact that more than 50 ofthese may cause different types of cancer. Therefore, here is a listof all the ingredients making your smoking experience better and yourlife shorter.

Benzene, being an additive for petrol,very useful in heavy industry, is one of the basic additions tocigarettes as well. Furthermore, the nicotine from your favoritehabit would not be able to transform into gas, nor would it have sucha profound flavor if it was not for ammonia, an element crucial fortoilet cleaning chemicals. As the list goes on, know that youare smoking the same chemical people use for preservation of corpses,formaldehyde. Also, rest assured that this chemical is extremelypoisonous and that it can cause cancer.

People who indulge in smoking may aswell indulge in breathing in the exhaust gases of motor vehiclessince they contain the same element their cigarettes do, carbonmonoxide. Also, a chemical used in cigarettes was crucial forsupplying gas chambers with their lethal elements in World War II.This was hydrogen cyanide. Finally, arsenic is a common element foundin both cigarettes and rat poison.

Rat Poison or Human Poison?

Researches have shown that, due tonumerous different chemicals found in cigarettes, including severalinsecticides and pesticides as well as arsenic, there is a tightconnection between these objects of smoker's enjoyment and ratpoison. This fact, along with the previously mentioned list of lethalelements may serve one enough evidence for quitting this habit.However, others which are neither frightened nor convinced may freelycontinue inhaling their suicidal pleasure.

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