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What is Success?

We are often jealous of some superstarsconsidered to be beautiful, having giant cars and monstrous villasalong with all the other things which usually go in superlatives.However, this can be a very negative and counter-productive way ofperceiving things. Namely, happiness is relative and it has nothingto do with the material wealth or our social norms. Just because weare taught to think that money is beauty and power is success, thisdoes not make it so.

Thus, we need to think outside the box,free from false idols our monetary society feeds us with. Success andhappiness can be found in many simple and easily obtainable things weusually ignore or neglect, chasing artificial life which has littletouch with reality, let alone logic.

In the following lines we'll do our bestto teach you how to experience success and happiness through a changeof perspective towards life. It is not as hard as it may seem at first, just read on.

Success Revisited

Before even considering success, youneed to know what you want. Basically, for every individual different things and achievements would be considered a success. Thus, stop and think about what success means for you. Is it aproject you are striving to develop in the future, for monetary, artistic orany other purposes? Is it something simple that will make you happyand satisfied? Regardless, think about it and develop a good plan. Inorder to be successful you need to know the area of your success andhave the right tactics to get to the very goal you desire. Beorganized and be determined. You need this in order to be successful.

Next comes the strength and theresilience you need in order to accomplish your goals. So, you needto believe in yourself and never give up. You need to push yourselfforward until you reach the success you had started chasing. Also,never think that you are incapable of doing something. We all comewith endless power and creativity. We just need to break free fromthe clutches of the society and be free in our ideas, reachingsuccess no matter what, believing in ourselves endlessly.

Finally, you need to know that yoursuccess is not the achieving the success of someone else. Rather, youneed to find out what makes you happy and work on that with vigor,incredible amounts of persistence and effort, as well as love anddevotion. Your life is not a want-to-be copy of someone else. Rather,you are a wonderful, creative and unique individual. Thus, yoursuccess is unique as well. Find it and never give up until you end upliving it.

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