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Brittle hair

There are a lot of people all over the world with brittle hair. This type of hair does not look good and that is because it is highly unattractive and it lacks moisture, shine and even strength. A child with this type of hair will have a totally different appearance because of it. A person with brittle hair has a very unhealthy hair and brittle hair is one of the most obvious signs. There are various reasons why an adult might have brittle hair and these reasons are the use of styling products, certain health problems, excess washing and some others. When a child is having brittle hair, it could be because of a certain hair shaft defect. Apart from this, a child may have brittle hair due to ringworm, certain health conditions like Basan syndrome, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or because of hereditary traits. A child who does not intake the right nutrients may suffer from brittle hair as well. In many cases brittle hair leads to hair loss. Parents need to take proper care of their children’s hair. However, parents need to know that there are ways they can help their children.

Care and remedies for brittle hair in children

The first step towards getting rid of brittle hair is by moisturizing it regularly. A person whose hair is moist will look shiny and healthy. Hot oil massages help a lot in this situation. They should be done up to twice per week. The best oils for these massages are olive and coconut.

A child may end up with brittle hair due to certain environmental factors. Some of the most common are harsh sun rays, pollution and dust. A child should wear a cap whenever he or she is exposed to sun rays. Children tend to have a lot of dust in their hair because of their activities and that is why regular washing is important.

When washing the children’s hair, parents should not use the shampoo that they use. Using a kid’s shampoo is the best way to avoid hair damage.

The hair should also be gently brushed. The main reason why that is so, is because brittle hair breaks more easily. Driers should also be avoided.

A parent can even use egg white mixed with some water to take care of brittle hair.

A healthy diet is very important for children. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are very important for a healthy hair.

Parents should often trim the hair in order to get rid of the split ends. This will give the hair a better look.

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