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A Common Problem

Many people feel troubled upon noticingabnormalities related to their hair. This mainly involvesdeterioration regarding hair quality, hair breakage or hair loss. Allthese are frustrating experiences which none of us wants toexperience. Nevertheless, we surely are bound to at some point of ourlives. However, before that happens, we may get informed aboutpossible causes of this condition and our ways of stopping these andprolonging the healthy look of our hair for many years to come.

Reasons Behind Hair Breakage

We know that some people lose hairbefore others do. Some people become bald at a very young age whilesome other have hair until the end of their lives. Hair loss and hairbreakage takes place due to many different factors, some more seriousthan the other.

With males, genetics play a veryimportant role. Namely, if you have a history of hair loss in yourfamily, there is a high likelihood that you will get bald sooner orlater. Women are hardly affected by this fact while men may have toface the consequences of this faulty gene of their ancestors quiteeasily.

And now we come to proper nutrition. We cannotexpect our organism to be healthy if we are not eating healthy. Thus,lack of nutrients in our regular diet may easily reflect itself onour hair, leading to deterioration, breakage and eventually, hairloss. Additionally, exposing your hair to unhealthy treatments likedye or poor hygiene may result in these states of affairs as well.

There are numerous illnesses which mayinfluence the health of our hair. Also, stress, depression andconstant anxiety, as well as other emotional disturbances liketraumas or shocks, all add on to the list of possible reasons behindhair deterioration.

Excessive unprotected sun exposure andpollution we are bound to live in daily, can only do us harm in allrespects, including the health of our hair.

Possible Means of Prevention

In order to have healthy hair, you mustavoid all possible cause of its breakage. Thus, make sure you wash itregularly, using high quality shampoos and other hair health productsfor your own hair type. Also, make sure you do not comb it violently,or tie it too tightly if you tie your hair in the first place.Additionally, avoid dying it, or at least, make sure you dye asseldom as possible. Finally, eat well, consuming food rich invitamins and minerals, as well as proteins and healthy fats. Combinethis excellent nutrition with frequent, stress-relieving physicalactivities and have healthy hair you will be proud of for a longtime.

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