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Grapeseed oiland olive oil are both considered as “good” oil in the kitchen, but also inmany other areas of human use. These oils have been scientifically proven tocontain high amounts of healthy unsaturated fats, and really low amounts ofsaturated fat. Additionally, both olive and grapeseed oil are cholesterol freeoils. The nutritional values of these oils are also the same, so it might bevery difficult to decide which oil to use. Differences between them may be ableto help you choosing the right oil for you. The taste, the way the oil has beenproduced, smoke points and versatility of each of these oils are what makes adifference.

First of allis nutritional value. As already mentioned it’s the same for olive andgrapeseed oil. When using a single tablespoon of any of the oils you will take120 calories. The same spoon also contains 9.7g of unsaturated fat and just1.8g of saturated fat, what makes these oils good choice for the health of yourheart. There is a slight difference in the amount of vitamin E, however, becausegrapeseed oils is richer in this vitamin and contain about 3.8g (in onetablespoon of oil) of it. Olive oil contains about half of the amount ofvitamin E present in grapeseed oil, just 1.9g.

Productionand Taste

Grapeseed oilproduction is said to be eco-friendly, since the oil is produced by pressingthe residues after making the wine. All types of grapes and grape seeds usedfor wine may be used to produce grapeseed oil as well. On the other hand, oliveoil is produced from pressed olives, and the first oil extract is well known asextra virgin olive oil.

If you evertried grapeseed and olive oil you know that taste differently, so it is yourpersonal taste that will define which oil you will use. Grapeseed oil is found tobe more neutral taste, and because of that can be used to cook the food withdelicate flavors. Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, is quite strongflavored, and commonly used with the food that has similarly strong flavorsthat will not be overpowered with the oil. Because of the neutral taste, grapeseedoil is more versatile and can be used even in the dishes which won’t go wellwith olive oil.

Smoke Point

This issimply the temperature when the oil starts to smoke, and it is very important fordeep frying or sautéing. Grapeseed oil should always be preferable choice overolive oil for deep frying, since it starts to smoke at 420 degrees Fahrenheit (whichis about 215 degrees Celsius). Olive oil is stable up to 320°F (160 °C) and should not be used for thatpurpose.

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