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When it comes to choosing the oil for preparing food, the choice usually comes down to vegetable and olive oil. And while people are more used to the vegetable oil, the constant insisting on the fact that olive oil is by far superior to it, in the sense that it’s considerably healthier, is getting to people’s heads more and more.

Therefore, the big question whether olive oil truly is that much healthier than vegetable oil remains. But the subject isn’t exactly black and white, as both choices have their advantages and disadvantages, so the question cannot really be answered that easily. It’s best to become acquainted with both sides first, so that everyone can choose according to their preferences.

About vegetable oil

One of the things that is most bothering people about vegetable oil, particularly when they compare it to olive oil, is the fact that it loses some of its nutritional value during the process that it’s obtained through. This is because that process involves using chemicals, some of which will end up in the oil itself. However, the vegetable oil is far from bad.

When it is in its pure form, it is a perfectly acceptable part of a healthy, nutritious diet. What it also does is regulate the blood pressure and is recommended to people who have diabetes as well. Many kinds of vegetable oil are widely popular for their nutritional values, one of which is canola oil that has high levels of fatty acids that are vital for proper functioning of the body.

On the other hand, vegetable oils are the ingredients of many unhealthy foods whose fat and calorie levels are off the charts. For example, all greasy un-nutritious food is fried with vegetable oil. It is also the ingredient of foods such as mayonnaise and popcorn which are all high in saturated fats.

About olive oil

The big appeal of the olive oil lies in the fact that is not produced with chemicals, but in a mechanical way, which allows it to preserve all of its original nutritious values. Another benefit of olive oil is that it contains antioxidants which are considered the be among the healthiest substances and which are able to preserve the body of many dangerous diseases, some of which are heart diseases and cancer.

The kind of fats that olive oil contains are mono-unsaturated fats, that are generally considered to be rather healthy and known to go directly to the liver and not bottle up in the body. On the other hand, its content of saturated fats is, in fat, extremely low.

What olive oil can do for one’s health is have influence over one’s cholesterol levels in the sense that it is able to decrease the bad cholesterol and boost the good one. By doing this, olive oil helps keep the heart disease-free and strong.

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