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Olive Oil

The use of this oil is a weapon of choice for fighting against the excessive weight. So, we will focus on the number of calories present in the olive oil, which is something people should know. There are many benefits to consuming it and many people think olive oil is a miraculous food, which has great taste and aroma along with the health benefits. The benefits are known to people from the Mediterranean who include olive oil in great majority of their meals. One of the meals with olive oil is a Mediterranean salad. The benefits of the olive oil are being slowly discovered by the people outside the Mediterranean and Europe. Many people in America are starting to use olive oil as dressing. The number of calories located in olive oil is something almost nobody bothers to check. We will talk about this in the following text.


We have mentioned that olive oil is a great aid for the reduction of weight. Since this is one of the usages of olive oil, some would think that olive oil is light in calories. This is absolutely not true. In just one tablespoon of olive oil, we can find 120 calories. Still, be sure that this number of calories does not diminish the beneficial effect on the human body, although this number of calories is pretty big. We have to say that even though olive oil has a lot of calories, they are of highest quality. 14 g of unsaturated fat, cholesterol free, is present in olive oil. One of the positive effects of olive oil is its ability to increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol. There is also a 7 % of iron in olive oil, along with a certain number of sodium and sugar.

Types and Calories

One of the types is extra virgin olive oil, which is the purest form of olive oil, produced by the direct extraction from the olive fruits. The extra virgin olive oil is used for slow cooking since it has low boiling point. In olive oil, there is 125 good calories and 1% of acidity.Second type is virgin olive oil, which has a bit lower quality than the extra virgin type, and it is produced with the second pressing of the fruit. It has 3% of acidity.Pomace olive oil is made from the skin and the left over pulp of the olive fruits. This type is of bad quality and it is produced after a number of physical and chemical processes. Cooking with this olive oil is possible only in combination with extra virgin oil.The last type is pure olive oil, which has 100% of olive oil, but it is the worse type of all. There are 125 calories in this type of olive oil, which has some extra virgin oil inside.

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