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People who take care about their health and lifestyle pay an extra attention to cooking oils. Some cooking oils are full of fat and can be an additional factor to many diseases. On the other hand, some oils improve our health. This text provides you with some of the healthiest oils that you can use in cooking.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil can be of animal or plant origin. Here are some useful tips that can make you decide on which is the best oil for your health. If you want to bypass cholesterol and fat, you should avoid vegetable oils because in one tablespoon of a vegetable oil, there is 14 grams of fat and 125 count of calories. So, you can use sesame, sunflower and safflower unrefined vegetable oil for a salad dressing. On the other hand, extra virgin olive oil would be best for cooking. Of course, one should not overheat the oil, as it may start to smoke. Oils filled with saturated fat can lead you in the situation that the fat in your body increases considerably. Hydrogenated margarine can be beneficial to your health because it doesn’t increase fat in your body.

Healthy cooking oils

If you are used to fat filled cooking oils, olive oil is the best replacement for that. It is widely known that people who live in Mediterranean countries are using olive oil. Because of that, their health is in perfect condition. They use it in cooking and as a salad dressing. There are few types of olive oil such as virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and many others, and they are classified according to the level of fat in it. Almond oil is also poor in fat. It is healthy and very good but no anyone can afford it because it is very expensive.

Almond oil is made out of almond dry fruit and is named Oleum amygdale. The tone and condition of you skin is also improved with the usage of almond oil. Rapeseed produces canola oil. That plant grows in some parts of Europe and Asia and is low in erucic acid, which adds a lot of fat to your body, and because of that, canola oil is recommended in cooking.

Experts advise us to use low fat oil that is used in your region. If you want to lose some wait, or simply lead a healthy life, you should reduce the intake of oils and opt for a diet that is low in fat.

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