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Safflower oil

Safflower oil is the kind of vegetable oil that is received from the safflower seeds, which have also found their use in medicine and paints. Anyhow, anyone who knows anything about nutrition and healthy cooking methods knows that it is always recommended to cast aside the vegetable oil and exchange it for a much healthier alternative that is olive oil.

The interesting thing about safflower oil is that its main ingredient is polyunsaturated fat that is actually thought of as the good kind of fat. It is one of the two kinds of the so-called unsaturated fats, and the unsaturated fats are the ones that the body actually needs and puts to good use, as opposed to the saturated fats which are the considered to be some of the unhealthiest nutritional elements of all. So, with all this in mind, one may wonder just how healthy safflower oil exactly is.

Different ways of obtaining safflower oil

Before even getting into the issue of how healthy this oil is, it is important to mention that there are two ways of extracting it from the seeds. The first way to extract is through some kind of chemical process, after which the content of the oil is varied due to the addition of those chemicals. This way is the less healthy one of two, and therefore the less desirable one to perform.

The other extraction process is of a purely mechanical nature; therefore the safflower oil is left intact of any kind of chemical influence, while it also preserves all the beneficial elements that the oil originally contains.

The positive effect of safflower oil to one’s health

Thanks to the level of polyunsaturated fat that this oil contains, this oil is known to be able to increase the speed of the metabolism functions, leaving no room for the saturated fat to bottle up inside the body. That’s why, it is more than helpful in the weight loosing process and thereby a welcome part of any dish or salad, particularly of those who desire loosing some weight.

Furthermore, not only does this oil decrease the possibility of serious heart issues and fights away infections, but it also has a positive effect on people’s general health.

However, safflower oil is not only good for oral consumption, as it is also quite helpful in the skin and hair care areas. This oil contains a lot of vitamin E that is known to be very good for the skin, which is why this oil is commonly a part of skin care products. As for the hair, it helps regenerate it and makes it healthy and soft.

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