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The common name for all types of the joint inflammations is arthritis. One specific form of arthritis is called gout and it happens when the uric acid levels in the blood are very high, which is medically called hyperuricemia. Gout occurs when urate crystals accumulate in the connective tissues (joints, for instance) and cause the inflammation of these tissues. Sometimes even the kidneys become damaged by gout.

Uric acid is a derivative of the metabolism of the proteins in the body, so it is normally present in the bloodstream. In the majority of cases, it is not known how the levels of uric acid are elevated, but in cases when the cause is found, it is mainly associated with other metabolic diseases. For that reason, when treating gout, it is also necessary to treat the condition or the disease that induces it.

Causes and symptoms of gout

Gout mainly affects the males above 35 years of age, while in women it usually appears after menopause. It is considered that obesity and alcoholism, as well as physical inactivity and poor diet, are the main contributors to the development of the gout. Gout may be caused by lack of the urinary elimination, genetics and destruction of cells nucleoprotein. These cells are often destroyed by some kidney disease, extensive burns and hemolytic anemia, as well as by lead poisoning and some other diseases.

Gout usually causes an intense pain at night, thus often waking the person from sleep. It usually appears first in the big toe and then in every joint along the whole leg and whole arm as well. Gout may also cause pain in the spine. The joint which is affected by gout is usually red and swollen, which is accompanied by a burning sensation. The pain may be so strong that the person may experience fever, excessive sweating and agitation.

Home remedies for gout

For those people with gout who are obese at the same time, the diet should be low in calories and fat. In order to eject the excess uric acid from the body, the person should drink at least two liters of water and along with water carrot and citrus juices are recommended. The diet should be low in purines, so it is advisable to eat green vegetables, tomatoes breads without yeast and plenty of fruits.

The foods that should not be consumed are the foods high in purines, such as, for example, mushrooms, beef, pork and lamb. Moreover, ice cream, chocolate, sardines, alcohol and beer should also be avoided if one suffers from gout.

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