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Gout can be eliminated with the help of the naturalsupplements and the most important element of this fight is reduction of uricacid. You have to include supplements and proper diet in order to achieve a winin this fight. In the following text, we will focus on this problem and itssolution. There is a chance you will have an increased level of uric acid in your bodyand this can happen due to improper kidney functioning. This will developcrystals by gathering up and all of this will create the gout problem. There isa way you can control gout but as you know, there is no cure for this problem.However, you can use natural remedies and drugs in order to control this disease.


Diet is very important and you need to avoid things such as wheat bran, wheat germ, beans, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms,shellfish, poultry, pork, beef, sardines, anchovies, sweetbreads and otheritem that are rich in purines.Body acidic level will be increased then due to the circulation of excess acidin the bloodstream. Name for this problem is hyperuricemia and it can lead tothe urate crystal deposition in tendons, joints and surrounding tissue. Thiswill cause excessive pain, heat, swelling, redness, inflammation, jointstiffness and other symptoms of gout. Change in diet is needed and you will have to focus on the reduction of foodswith high level of purines in your nutrition. Problems will be experienced ifyou do not eliminate alcohol and foods rich in purines from your diet. As wehave said, gout can be caused by medical problem called hyperuricemia, which isa high acid level in the body. There is no universal level of acid which will causegout but this depends and differs in every individual. While some develop gout atcertain level, other will not.

Weight Reduction

It is a good idea to reduce some of the body mass since 15% of people sufferingfrom gout are also overweight, but there is no scientific connection detectedbetween these two factors yet. However, the fact remains that you will reduce thelevels of acid in your body by reducing some of your weight. Uric acid in somesituations cannot be handled by the kidneys and this creates crystals of uricacid, usually on the ankle, knee and the big toe. Know that pain will accompanysmall wonder gout.

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