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Gout is the name forthe characteristic form of arthritis marked by unexpected, harsh pain,redness and tenderness in joints. The joint at the base of the big toe is themost affected by gout. Gout is a conditionthat is more frequent in men than in women, although it may also appear inwomen usually after menopause.

Causes of gout

The uric acid crystals,which are one of the causes of the gout, can be found in joints and tendons andthey cause inflammation, swelling, redness, and intolerable pain. Purines are thechemical compounds that our body naturally produces. They have the role to convertfood into the energy and genes into proteins, as well as to create acid uric in thebloodstream. The kidneys are theorgans that regulate the normal level of acid uric. The excess of acid uric is eliminatedthrough urination. When the kidneys arenot capable to regulate the level of the acid uric, due to certain reasons,then the uric acid begins to accumulate in the form of urate crystals, which arevery sharp. These crystals tend to build up in the joints and that is how goutoccurs.

The gout symptomsappear suddenly and usually at night. The most ordinary signs of gout are deepjoint pain in ankles, knees, heels, feet, hands, wrists, and in the joint atthe base of the big toe. Other symptoms thatappear in addition to the pain are inflammation, redness and swelling of theaffected joint.

Gout diet and remedies

In order to successfully treat gout, it isessentially to maintain the normal level of uric acid in the bloodstream. That canbe achieved with a proper diet and certain other remedies. The people who suffer from gout should consume fouror five cups of coffee every day. However, it is recommended not to excessivelydrink coffee, since it can cause some other health problems. The recommended diet for the gout should containfresh eggs, tofu and soy products, unfermented cheese, rice, pasta and cereals, as well as white bread.

Furthermore, the diet should include fresh fruitsand vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. Therefore, the consummation ofstrawberries, cherries, red peppers, cabbage, pineapple and tomatoes are highlyrecommended for those people suffering from gout. On the other side, there are certain kinds of foodsthat should be avoided in order to prevent the aggravating of the symptom ofthe gout. These foods are sea foods, conserved fish and canned meats, as well ascheese, fermented milk and mushrooms. Alcohol should be avoided while plenty of watershould be drunk each day.

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