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Arthritis is the general name for the inflammation of the joints and there are over a hundred kinds of arthritis. Gout is the name for the specific type of arthritis, which especially affects the joint at the bottom of the big toe. It is featured by abrupt intense pain, tenderness and redness of the affected joint.

Gout is a condition that can appear in everyone, but it affects men more frequently. However, women also become more prone to experiencing gout after menopause. Gout causes an extreme pain, which can be even intolerable and often appears at night, thus disturbing the sleep. The pain is so strong that the person suffering from it cannot bear the weight of the sheet over it.

Natural treatment of gout

Gout is a type of arthritis that is treatable, and there are some natural cures that can significantly reduce the symptoms of this condition. The natural treatment of gout includes reducing the amount of the uric acid within the joints, as well as avoiding to take the pain relieving medications. Most people who suffer from gout tend to take the drugs that relieve the pain and thus, they just treat the pain and not the gout itself, which reappears once the drugs stop working. Furthermore, the prolonged use of medicines can cause many health problems since the medicines have many side effects. The proper and effective treatment of gout is to eliminate the culprit and that is the uric acid. It can be reduced by proper diet, certain herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements. The natural cures for gout do not have adverse effects and the general health is much improved as well.

The holistic approach in treating any disease is more preferable than the use of the synthetic medications. It involves the whole body and by watching what we eat, we can reduce the levels of uric acid. The pain of the gout can be triggered by consuming certain kinds of foods, and, therefore, the diet is very important when one suffers from it. It is highly recommended to avoid eating foods high in purines. It is observed that the people with insufficient amounts of certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, B5 and E, are more prone to suffer from gout and, for that reason, we should take multivitamin each day.

It is unnecessary to mention that fruits and vegetables should be consumed every day since they should be always consumed no matter what disease is in question, because they are high in antioxidants and vitamins, as well as in essential nutrients. Regarding the herbal remedies, the best herbs for treating gout include alfalfa, bilberry and buchu.

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