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Gout is the term forthe complex form of arthritis that is characterized by sudden, severe pain,redness and tenderness in joints. Gout most frequently occurs in the joint atthe base of the big toe and it is more common inmen than in women, although it also occurs in women usually after the menopause. Thismedical condition is diagnosed after a physical examination, blood test and thejoint fluid test.

Causes of gout

Gout is a disorderthat affects many people in different ways and has several causes. The uric acid crystalsare one of the main causes of gout. They can be found in jointsand tendons and they cause inflammation, swelling, redness, and unbearablepain.

The chemical compounds namedpurines are very important for our body, particularly because they convert food into energy andgenes into proteins. Also, they generate acid uric in the bloodstream. Thenormal level of acid uric is controlled by the kidneys and the excess of aciduric is ejected through urination. However, it happens that the kidneys are noteffective and acid uric in the amount that is higher than normal stays inthe bloodstream. Then the uric acid begins to accumulate in the form of uratecrystals, which are very sharp. These crystals tend to build up in the jointsand that is how gout occurs.

Symptoms of gout

The gout symptoms appearunexpectedly and characteristically at night. The most common signs areprofound joint pain in ankles, knees, heels, feet, hands, wrists, and in thejoint at the base of the big toe. This pain is the strongest in the first day, but after that some lingering discomfort appears and can last even several weeks. In addition,inflammation, redness and swelling of the affected joint are also warning signsthat the person might be suffering from gout. If the above mentionedsymptoms persist and cause fever or inflammation, it is recommended to go andvisit a doctor. It must be treated on time and properly in order to avoid more severe problems, for example, the lasting joint damage.

Treatment of gout

In order to reduce thepain in the gout, the doctors usually prescribe some medications such asnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, colchicines and corticosteroids. Thesemedications are very effective in blocking the acid uric production and they also improveacid uric elimination. Moreover, the doctors usually advise the patients not to consumealcohol because it can be also harmful for the pain in the gout.

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