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This wondrous plantwith all its benefits has been familiar to Asians for centuries and has beenregarded as the integral part of their cuisine. It is mostly used as a strongflavored spice, especially in Indian dishes such as curries, but beside theevident spice-properties, this plant is known for it healing and healthbeneficial properties, too. Furthermore, it is considered one of the pillars ofChinese traditional medicine. When it comes to remedying such conditions as coldsand coughs, there just isn’t any plant that is more effective than ginger.Given the fact that ginger belongs to the category of antiviral plants,it is rich in sesquiterpenes, which are the best solution when it comes toexterminating all the viruses responsible for the initiation of a cold, foundin our body. In case a person seeks to alleviate nausea that is a directconsequence of morning sickness, pregnancy or “a wild night out.” ginger tea isthe one to turn to. In addition, this plant is known to have a positive effecton our digestive tract, it is able to neutralize the levels of stomach acid and inthat way ward off the unpleasant nausea.

Remedy for nausea –ginger tea

Given the fact thateach application of ginger has to be done in a proper manner in order for it tobe most effective, when it comes to relieving nausea there exists a specialrecipe that goes as follows:

Main components

1 teaspoon of fresh grated ginger2 teaspoons of tea powder1 teaspoon of sugar or honey1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice (optional)4 cups of water


First thing a person should do is to add one teaspoon offresh grated ginger to four cups of water previously heated to the boilingpoint and leave it at that for approximately five minutes. Afterwards, twoteaspoons of tea powder are to be added. Once a couple of minutes have passedthe tea needs to be strained and mixed together with one teaspoon of sugar, orhoney, according to the person’s preferences. Once this done, half of ateaspoon of lemon juice can be added for the additional positive effect. Incase you are in favor of strong teas, then you should also add a bit of cloves,lemon grass or cardamom. For those preferring more sour taste, orange peelstrips can be added in order to achieve the desired taste. By drinking the mentioned tea for the purpose ofwarding off nausea and sickness, this increases the saliva secretion thathappens in our bodies. Therefore, this is the main reason behind the fact that gingertea is the top recommendation for nausea relief and nausea remedying.

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