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Information on Ginger Root Tea

There are numerous thousands of different sorts of herbsknown to mankind, but there are actually no more than sixty which aresufficient for the treatment of various medical conditions. One may always usethose plants which are native to his or her own region, but sometimes one mustreach for the benefits of certain other herbs which come from distant parts ofthe world. Ginger root originates from Asia, but nowadays it is commonlycultivated virtually everywhere around the world. The botanical name of theginger root is zingiber officinale. It is known for its very potent diaphoreticproperties and it can be purchased in most well equipped grocery stores. Gingerroot tea is very efficient in promoting sweating and opening the pores of theskin, which may come in very handy for all those who suffer from the commoncold. Raw ginger root can be used for the preparation of an herbal tea. Thistea is very efficient in all cases where the cold weather penetrates the bodysurface and the cold gets internalized in to the joints, stomach, lungs, neckmuscles or the upper back region. When this happens, a person may experience arunny nose, sore throat, aching in the upper shoulders or a stiff neck. Ginger roottea comes in very handy when it comes to relieving all the aforementioned symptoms.

Preparation of Ginger Root Tea

One needs to chop up an inch of raw fresh ginger root and boilit in approximately 3 cups of water. The tea needs to be simmered for no morethan 15 minutes, then the heat needs to be turned off. Honey and lemon canalways be added to enhance the taste of the tea. The tea may always be reheatedso a person can consume it throughout the entire day, even though most cases ofcommon cold require a person to drink the entire dose all at once. The point isto sweat out all the cold. Sleeping and resting as much as possible may also beof great help. One should also avoid going outside because it may aggravate thecondition.

Using a Ginger Compress

The same ginger root tea, prepared according to theinstructions described above may also be used as a compress for the shouldersand the neck. It is very efficient in relieving the painful sensations,numbness and the stiffness which may also be associated with the medical conditionknown as the common cold. The compress may also be of great help for those whosuffer from sinus and frontal headache pain.

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