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What is Ginger Used For?

Most people have heard of ginger and a large number of those people know that it is a useful herb but the majority of people do not know exactly what it is good for.

Ginger is very common in south East Asia, where it is used in tea and in some recipes for consumption. It is used for a variety of medical purposes. The benefits can be stimulating, also antiseptic, it can also be used for inflammation, calming, aphrodisiac, and for digestion. It can be used in a dry form and in the raw, fresh form. The consumption of ginger tea is an easy way of taking in anti oxidants. By making a home remedy of ginger tea you will be assisting yourself to battle against colds, asthma, sore throats, flu symptoms, bronchitis, nausea and indigestion problems.

Ginger Tea for Colds: Recipe

If you think you are at the beginning stages of a cold then you will benefit from a cup of lemongrass flavored hot ginger tea, the taste is quite wonderful and refreshing. To make the tea you will need four cups of water, quarter a cup of grated fresh ginger root, two tea spoons of herbal tea, one little lemon, one sliced stalk of lemon grass, and one tea spoon of honey.

Firstly you need to boil the water and then allow the heat to reduce, this is when you can add the lemon grass stalk and the grated ginger. The recipe can simmer for ten minutes after which you can turn the temperature off. Now is the point where you can add the herbal tea and then strain and add the lemon for some extra flavor and the honey if you want some sweetness.

How to Treat Colds with Ginger Tea

There are many ways to make ginger tea, you can use ginger powder or even ginger oil instead. Some people like to add a little milk and sugar. Ginger can warm the stomach which will aid and improve the digestion. Ginger tea should be drunk three times each day as soon as you realize you have a cold. You should not take Aspirin at the same time as drinking ginger tea because they both act as blood thinners. You can eat some small pieces of ginger, most people like to drop a little lemon on the pieces prior to eating them. Ginger tea that is drunken hot works as a enhancement to your circulation which makes you alert and lively.

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