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Ginger is the plant which originates from South Asia and it is distinguished by its specific scent and flavour. Because of that, it is used mostly in culinary, in the form of powder as a spice. And its root is edible. But, there are also a lot of health benefits of it.

Nevertheless, the best way to consume it, is while it is still fresh, and the good idea is to store it in a refrigerator, so that it could conserve its freshness as long as possible. As in the case of other vegetables and fruits, the longer time it remains fresh, the longer time it will be rich in the valuable nutrients.

Before eating it, it should be peeled with a teaspoon. But, if used as a remedy, it is better to grate or slice it, since that way the preparation of some mixtures of ginger becomes easier.

Its medicinal use is very pointed out through centuries, especially in the traditional Chinese medicine. It has been always well known that ginger kills viruses. Especially, if there is the case of flu or common cold, the ginger tea will help a lot, of course along with calming down the organism and minimizing the annoying symptoms. Those are the example of fatigue and nausea.

So, when it comes to the urge for vomiting, especially in the mornings, the researches have shown that those women who had consumed 350 grams of ginger per day, in the period of three weeks, significantly minimized the nausea and sickness problems.

Another beneficial use of fresh ginger, as far as the female population is concerned, is the one that relieves the annoying problems of the period, such as the menstrual cramps and contractions and the related symptoms of the pre-menstrual syndrome. Actually the best remedy for the pain in the lower abdomen. The recommendable dosage is one teaspoon of grated ginger, as fresh as possible, along with one glass of water.

However, ginger is also widely used as the remedy for the pain related to arthritis. The pharmaceutical industry even came out with the solution of making the pill which has ginger as the main ingredient. This medication turned out to be very effective, and it is used lately as one of the conventional painkillers that can be prescribed and found in pharmacies.

Last, but not the least is the beneficial effect which fresh ginger has on heart. In fact, it minimizes the stickiness of the platelets of blood and decreases the amount of cholesterol.

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