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Teas are amazing beverages. They have many purposes- they sooth and calm the nerves, they warm a person up on a chilly day or cool them down during long and hot summer days. Many teas offer significant health benefits, and some of them are simply delicious. Tea is always a good choice and some people, especially those who take care about their health, prefer teas over any other beverage, especially coffee, sodas, or alcoholic drinks.

Herbal teas have many different effects and health benefits. Some of them have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, some sooth sore throat and help with colds, some are effective against menstrual cramps and some are beneficial for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

As for the traditional teas, the ones made from the actual tea plant, the medical science is becoming increasingly interested in their health benefits, especially in their anti-oxidant properties. The three main kinds of tea are black, green and white. Japanese and Chinese teas are considered to be the best, and those cultures take their tea very seriously, with much ceremony and respect for this amazing beverage.

Here are some of the ideas for healthy and delicious teas.

Lemon tea

This tea requires one whole lemon, unwaxed and preferably organic, one and a half tablespoon of honey and one pot of tea. The choice of tea depends on personal preferences.

While the tea is brewing, two slices of lemon are sliced from it and the rest is squeezed into juice and placed in a small recipient. Two slices are placed in a large cup or a mug, mashed together and then the tea is poured over it.

Hot ginger tea

The ingredients for this tea recipe are one small piece of fresh ginger, half a teaspoon of black or green tea leaves and sugar or other sweetener, which is optional.

Ginger should be peeled and finely grated and then placed in a cup. Tea is added to it along with boiling water. Steeping time depends on how strong a person likes his or her tea. The tea, along with ginger, is then strained and sugar is added, if using. The ginger can be used for making several cups of tea.

Star anise tea

This is a very fragrant tea with a characteristic flavor somewhat similar to licorice or pastis. It can be made with tea bags, although it is always better to use tea leaves, because they are fresher and the flavor is better. The brewing method is normal, and the star anise is added whole to the cup.

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