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Once we start speaking about sedu hairstyles, many people will claim that these do not exist, saying that completely flat hair is nothing more than a myth. In fact, myths are something quite common for this aesthetic phenomenon. There are many fictional stories related to hair blowers, hair irons and other items used for achieving this perfect hairstyle. Since we create fiction in cases where facts are not possible, the following lines will give their best to separate facts about sedu hairstyle from various methods which are a far cry from the truth.

The Myths and The Truth

The first myth regarding sedu hairstyle is the claim that it has to be long, straight and blond. However, this is not completely true. In Hollywood movies, sedu is usually manifested through long-haired blonds, but this is not a general rule. Rather, sedu hairstyle can be done on any possible length and hair color. The important factor is the straightness. Namely, the hair needs to be perfectly straight. Yet, nowadays, this is not obligatory since various small curls and waves are implemented into sedu hairstyles as well.

Next common myth says that this hairstyle needs to be created by special Sedu hair irons. Even though this hairstyle got its name after a hair iron company Sedu, where “seduction” was the initial word, you can straighten your hair with whatever you want and rest assured that it is sedu. Nevertheless, the greatest effect is achieved through use of hair irons, especially those from the Sedu company.

There is also a myth about all straightening tools damaging your hair. Today, modern hair irons and other hair straightening tools guarantee maximum effect, being completely safe for your hair and your scalp. However, the same cannot be claimed for chemical treatments like dying. These procedures reduce the hair quality. Hair irons or hair straighteners can damage one's hair only due to misuse or not following the instructions.

Contrary to popular belief, blow drying will not destroy or entangle your hair, if you do it right. Let your hair air dry a bit and then dry it with a blow dryer constantly, not bringing it closer than one foot. Also, make sure you do not use air which is too hot, since this way you can damage your scalp. Finally, always use the conditioner when you wash your hair because this will make the drying process incomparably easier.

The Final Myth and the Verdict

Do not believe the stories telling you that Sedu hair straighteners will make your hair ends split. The heat applied to the hair through these processes makes it smoother, sticking the hair scales close together. Do not go overboard with all other treatments and your hair will remain completely healthy.

Thus, jealous minds may want to claim false things about sedu hairstyles, but the visible results are more than enough to overrule all these accusations. So, achieve sedu hairstyles properly and you will have nothing to worry about.

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