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Information on Common Warts

Common warts are local growth on the skin or sometimes evenon the mucous membranes of the human body and they are actually infectionstriggered by the human papilloma virus or HPV. The infected areas of the skinare characterized by small clusters of painless lumps. Numerous different typesof warts can be triggered by more than a hundred different strains of humanpapilloma virus but the skin warts and the genital warts are those which occurthe most often. Most human papilloma virus infections are not contagious and aperson may get infected only when getting in contact with any type of surfacewhich has HPV on it. The most common types of warts include the common warts(which usually occur on the leg, knee or hand skin), mosaic warts, flat warts,foot warts, genital warts, plantar warts and digitate warts which are alsosometimes referred to as the filiform warts.


The common warts have been treated in many numerous differentways ever since the ancient times of mankind. Before the invention of modernmedical techniques, the common warts were always treated using a wide array ofdifferent homemade remedies. Most home remedies for the treatment of commonwarts are characterized by acidic properties. Many modern lotions andmedicaments for the treatment of common warts usually contain an ingredientknown by the name of salicylic acid. Keratolysis is one of the most commontypes of treatments used as well. It involves the application of medicaments whichare very efficient in dissolving keratin. Keratin is a substance which can beheld responsible for the formation of warts. Among the newest types oftreatment is laser treatment which tends to be among the most efficient optionsof them all. Warts may also be removed by utilizing a surgical procedure. Onemay also choose the cryosurgery which involves the freezing of the warts with liquidnitrogen. In this type of treatment the warts simply fall off. There are alsonumerous different types of herbal treatments which can be used to get rid ofwarts. Warts alone are not serious at all, but they may sometimes lead to theformation of certain types of cancer if they are left untreated. Prevention maybe the most important of the treatment of common warts. One needs to maintainproper hygiene and avoid anything covered with HPV. It is also recommended toavoid contact with persons who are already infected.

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