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What is the exact purpose of the laxatives?

Maintaining the normal processes of digestion and taking a good care of the gastrointestinal tract is extremely important for the health in general, but also for slimming down. When emptying the intestines and colon regularly and thus expelling the harmful materials and toxins from the organism the normal and the healthiest way, it is actually the first step of enabling the healthy metabolic process. That is, when the harmful substances are removed, the greater absorption of the basic nutrients is enabled.

However, one of the most common problems nowadays (because of the unhealthy lifestyles of the modern people), as far as the digestion is concerned, is the constipation, which is commonly known as the blockage of the stool, and which can be chronic problem. It is well known that this problem is usually solved rapidly by the use of the remedies called laxatives, and more and more popular are the teas which are made on the basis of the herbs that are beneficial for emptying the gastrointestinal system. However, it is important to consume these teas carefully because they are likely to cause the compulsive need to use them habitually, and thus they could become harmful. The effectiveness of the laxative teas

Anyway, these teas are very effective, not only for the mentioned emptying and enhancing the bowel movements, but also for detoxifying the organism (removal of the harmful material and toxins), boosting up the immunity, and the beneficial effect on the heart is present as well. Not to mention that slimming down is the natural consequence of the consumption of these teas, since the same effect is provided as in the case of the weight loss programs based on the general cleansing of the organism. Additionally, taking these teas will suppress the appetite to certain extent.

Such herbal teas can be based on one or on the combination of the following, most commonly herbs for this purpose: the root of licorice, Senna, buckthorn bark and barley. The herb Senna is most effective for the mentioned cleansing diet, but the hardest thing to do is to get used to this strict regime, which causes the general exhaustion of the body.

So, when it comes to the problem of slimming down quickly, it is also good to be aware of the fact that these herbal laxatives directly affect the large intestine, while the effect on the small intestine is the key to every successful diet. Also, the consumption of these teas may have certain negative side effects, such as the pain and the bland stool, and that is why the better option is the green tea, which doesn’t provide the negative following troubles.

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