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Hormones are basically the chemicals which transport the messages and instructions between the cells in the human body. The endocrine glands are the organs which manufacture the hormones and discharge them into the bloodstream.

Hormones have numerous functions in our body since they regulate most metabolic processes, for example, metabolism of the muscles and metabolism of the cells as well as the growth cycle and the sleep cycle depend on the presence of certain hormones. These are just few of many functions that hormones perform in our body.

Connection between acne and hormones

We know that the sebum glands are responsible for the serration of sebum or oil and that this oil influences the outbreak of acne. Here we can find a connection between the acne and hormones.

When the hormonal imbalance occurs, it negatively affects the oil glands making them to produce excess oil which in the combination with the excess toxins in the body contribute to the emerging of acne on the skin. In the view of this fact, if we maintain the hormones in balance we would not have to worry about the possible outbreak of acne.

Prostaglandins and the acne connection

The cells always need a proper amount of the specific hormones in order to function properly. The cells and hormones communicate by the means of the Prostaglandins so that without them there would not be any link between them.

The roles of the prostaglandins are also to enable the body to give the inflammatory response by increasing the production of mucus, clotting and improving the bloodstream to the kidneys.

As for acne, the Prostaglandins are necessary since they regulate the levels of androgen hormones whose imbalance cause the occurrence of acne. Due to the Prostaglandins the sebum glands secrete normal amounts of oil and there is no possibility for acne to outbreak. For this reason, sufficient amount of these biochemicals are required for the hormonal balance.

The production of the Prostaglandins depends on the enough amounts of nutrients in the body and therefore, it is important to consume foods rich in fatty acids abut also to take the supplements. However, it should be done in some normal amounts in order to maintain the normal and not the excessive production of these biochemicals.

With the proper amounts of the Prostaglandins the hormones will be well-balanced and the acne as well as other problems related with hormonal imbalance will disappear.

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