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Carbohydrates are one of the few most important indispensable nutrients, which have to be taken on a daily basis, so that the organism could work properly. Concerning that matter, the so-called low carb diets (which are, in fact, the fad diets) are very dangerous and really unhealthy way to lose weight. Since the carbohydrates can be also dangerous if eaten in excessive amounts, because in such a case, they gradually lead to the heart attack and provoke some other coronary conditions, they should be consumed moderately.

The most important characteristic of this chemical compound is that it quickly turns itself into the energy and that is why the increased intake of it is recommended for the people who spend a lot of energy daily, such as the sportsmen, for example. This is, actually, the process of decomposing the carbohydrates into the blood sugar (called glucose), thus providing energy, which takes place in the liver.

The two groups of the carbohydrates

They are generally divided into the two large groups; the simple (easily digestible, can be found in fruits, sugar and milk) and the complex carbohydrates (found in whole grains, legumes and veggies). The carbs are very good source of minerals, fibers and vitamins. However, there is another division; into the useful and harmful carbs, which depends on whether the glycemic index is low or high (the number which shows how fast the carbohydrates turn into the sugar, and it is better that this process develops more slowly).

So, the best way to be sure about which carbs are useful, is to remember that the refined forms of carbohydrates are harmful. So, eating fruits and vegetables in slightly processed or in a totally fresh form is the best idea there is, since they provide a lot of other beneficial nutrients, such as, for instance, minerals and vitamins. Although potatoes have a rather high glycemic index, that is, they contain the carbohydrates that quickly become sugar; it is beneficial for diets because it contains a small amount of proteins. So, the problem with the high index can be solved by combining potatoes with the foods of the low index.

When it comes to the pastas, bread and the other similar products, as already mentioned, the whole grains are a must. It is because the more processed products are always less beneficial for health, or to be more exact, for metabolic processes and digestion. In fact, they are very useful for diets because they provide the feeling of fullness, and at the same time, supply the body with fibers.

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