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Motivation might be the key element in successful weight loss. Most people are ready for this step and make preparation for this venture, but this is as far as they are ready to go. The journey ends here due to the lack of motivation.


School may be the reason from this. When we went to school, all we had to do is change for the physical training classes, and do everything we have been told by an instructor. This is extremely regimental structure, which is the reason for the problem we are talking about. In school we haven’t experienced anything interesting but we only listened to the commands and followed them blindly. After going through this structure, we embark to the new world where freedom rules and we can do whatever we want. But in this situation, exercising is usually the last thing we think about. The world of adults is also filled with experts who tell us what to do. People are not like athletes who sacrifice everything for the exercising plan. An athlete will always find time to exercise and make one more step for the goal and the prize. But books written by the mentioned experts who provide the regimented orientation, make us drop even deeper into the hole because they tell us we have to exercise until the last atom of strength.

We tend to think otherwise. Therapy also provides some sort of failure. When we are struck by some illness, we walk every day because the doctor has told us to do so. But this makes us trapped in a circle. If we look at the fact that people tend to exercise only when they are sick or if they are athletes, we have to say that the average common and healthy individual is left behind. The life of a successful businessman or a person of career makes us fall even more behind because they work less due to the comfortable life. Other people will work for him or her, thus neglecting the exercising regime. You can see that people are afraid that they will get ill, but nobody thinks about how to prevent this from happening. This is when exercising comes into play and helps us be healthy.


We advise a combination of abdominal and aerobic exercises for the maximum results. If you find this boring, find a new exercise or alter the combination. Change of the exercising regime is good since it will keep you motivated and make you exercise more. You can do exercises at your home while listening to the music. Regular exercising is crucial and you have to lead active life because this will keep your energy levels high.

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