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Fitness Supplements and Skepticism

Those people who are most of all and primarily interested in achieving the best performance pay a lot attention to their proper diet and to opting for those foods that will enable their bodies to function in the best possible manner and also be healthy. This especially goes for athletes. But when it comes to turning to supplements, this turns into a rather too shaky ground for them. Strangely enough, women athletes are the ones more prone to embrace energy bars, various energy drinks and multivitamins.

On the other hand male oriented supplements are widespread and easily acquirable and accessible. One downfall is that they are just a bit tricky to work out and comprehend properly. The most famous and the most easy to get are whey powder, creatine and nitric oxide. However, these are actually the least controlled ones and thus the ones of most doubtful origin and quality, which is one of the reasons why a person has to be especially careful in dealing with them. According to the doctors and health and fitness experts, this puts forward an awkward problematic issue, i.e. almost complete absence of consistency among such products – product labels provide scant explanations that only confuse a person, while content is hidden from the eye of the public, which only makes the entire matter worse.

Recommendation and Advices

In general, almost all fitness experts and doctors point out that, if a person sticks to a healthy and proper diet s/he and the body actually do not need any supplements at all, despite intensive physical/fitness programmes they follow. For those who are keen on going one step further regarding their performance in the gym, particular supplements, if taken in proper doses, and do have the ability to boost the exercise mechanisms of the person in question.


Many doctors make a division on their own, such as putting for example whey protein into the group of dietary supplements, and nitric oxide and creatine in the group of substances that boost performance. And they also point out that, despite the possible benefits of the supplements, diet of teenagers is already abundant in all the necessary proteins. Another problem is exceeding the dosage, which can prove to be extremely health hazardous. For example, overdoing it with the substance creatine causes upsets in the stomach and also cramps in muscles, so bear in mind that excess in supplements only leads to more excess in health related problems and side effects. .

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