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Today many people in America are prone to asking the following question – How come the upcominggenerations are living longer and longer, as opposite to their forefathers andmore recently parents? Well, the most evident answer is that they are in a muchbetter physical condition and foremost because of the fact that even theseniors are more than aware of the health benefits that the physical exercise has.

ICAA Gives a HelpingHand

For this reason theexperts, belonging to the ICAA (International Council on Active Aging), havemet and after doing extensive analyses, they have come up with the followingmore than helpful advice on how to stay fit even in the autumn of a life.

Beat the Odds StackedAgainst You

Advice No. 1 – Regular Checkups

It is essential to visityour doctor for regular physical examination, in order to determine the bestpossible types of exercises that would suit your needs. It is highlyrecommended not to start any exercise programme until you get a green lightfrom your physician.

Advice No. 2 – Take Everything into Account

Prior to taking up anyof the available exercise programmes, make sure to investigate them in detailand see what options are at your disposal. It is also extremely important toopt for the programme that will not prove to be a nuisance, but will make thoseexercise hours a real treat. Another thing is to mind the level of difficultyand asses each programme before you start, because this way, you will avoidunnecessary injuries, which can only ward you off and discourage from furtherexercising.

Advice No. 3 – Group/Solo Exercising

Extremely important aswell is to determine whether you would feel more comfortable doing a groupexercise or going on your own. The proper choice can only increase yourproductivity levels.

Advice No. 4 – Take it Easy in the Beginning

There is a lot of peoplewho, at the beginning, take up an approach that is too eager in nature, whichis not good because this only leads to overdoing it and quickly losingmotivation for future. Therefore, the best way to start properly is todetermine your baseline tempo, the one which will give you good exercise but whichwill also leave you with enough energy to get back on the exercise course thefollowing day.

Advice No. 5 – Good Company Makes it a Whole Lot Easier

“The more the merrier”,has always been one saying that is almost always true, and you should make itthe case here as well. Finding a friend to exercise with will not only makeevery exercise more interesting, but you will also have somebody on your side whowill constantly encourage you and back you up. And we all know how a timelyencouragement here and there can boost ones productivity.

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