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Weight loss is process that should be applied to all people who have obesity problem. As for motivation for weight loss, regaining health and avoiding many medical problems that obesity might cause is more than enough. Those issues include diabetes, heart problems, loss of self-confidence, depression, lack of energy and libido, decreased strength of the immune system etc.

The plan

Plan is something that will be easily made, but sticking to the plan is something else. A major problem that many have when they start exercising and dieting is related to the results. People must be realistic and realize that extra pounds took time to build up and eliminating them will not happen in the matter of days or even weeks. Months are needed, months of hard work and sacrifice. This is all needed for creating a nicely shaped body. So, when someone starts with a regime and after only couple of days or a week or two realizes that pounds are reducing slowly, he or she becomes disappointed and quits. Therefore, patience is needed here, and a lot of it. Actually, those first lost pounds should be a great motivator for keeping up with the plan. And the plan is always not easy to execute. Both exercising and dieting might be a bit too much for a beginner, so it might be smart to do just one thing out of those two, at least in the beginning. As the weight goes down, people usually want more and more, and that is when both things should be done.

The problem

It is already said that health is one of the best motivators when it comes to creating an attractive body. But it is also true that many people are not even aware of the possible medical issues that might emerge thanks to the increased levels of fat in the organism. They exercise because of the desire to look strong and fit. World trend today is to be fit as much as possible (although health is never mentioned); it is all about beauty, which is wrong. Why? Because this trend puts too much pressure on those who really have to lose weight but have a problem doing it. And because of the general opinion that being overweight is not beautiful, a problem emerges. This problem might even become psychological in nature, which will even more reduce motivation for some serious weight loss.

This all means that losing weight is so much more than simply exercising and cutting on food. This is a problem that should be analyzed and studied in order for creating an easy and fast solution, if that is possible at all.

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