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Cellulite – why?

This skin irregularity is perhaps one of the most troublesome for women all around the world. It does not only affect their looks, but their confidence and self-esteem as well. Cellulite as such is known to bring about the dimpled appearance on those most common parts of the skin, like the woman’s thighs, hips, stomach and buttocks as well. Regarded as the most frequent culprits for the occurrence of cellulite are the following:

Bodily changes during pregnancy initiate the occurrence of cellulite, as the alterations in the levels of hormones accompanied by the building up of the fat cells needed to accommodate the growing baby, create the impression and the appearance of cellulite in the midsection primarily, and then on the rest of the body parts.Additional hormone fluctuations such as the building up of excessive quantities of estrogen, ultimately induces the occurrence of the cellulite. By way of these and similar alterations, the forming of cellulite is made even more easy, as well as by way of accumulation of fat cells in skin layers. All this ultimately creates the dimpled outlook of the person’s skin.Natural propensities – as we all know, women are at much greater risk of coming down with cellulite than men are. One of the prevailing reasons behind this is the different manner in which the fat cells get stored underneath the skin. When it comes to women, these cells are kept in far greater spaces than in men, which is why excess of fat cells can build up and in the end induce the occurrence of the cellulite.Effect of bodily conditions are known to exude influence on the blood circulation, making it improper. One of the direct consequences of this is, of course, the formation of cellulite, since the weakened flow of the blood has the tendency to make the overall appearance much worse, as well as induce the occurrence of the cellulite.Skin layer damage, especially damage to those underlying ones due to the massage that has not been done in a proper manner, can initiate the appearance of the cellulite, by way of surface layers of the person’s skin.Stress is yet another common culprit of cellulite formation and accumulation, since it brings about sudden changes in the levels of the hormone known as adrenaline, which can initiate the occurrence of the dimpled appearance of the skin.Nicotine may also initiate the formation of cellulite when in combination with the cigarette smoke, because it has the tendency to affect the person’s circulation in a quite negative way. This goes for both the first, as well as the second hand smoke.

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