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About cellulite products

Products promising women to get ridof cellulite have now become a billion-dollar industry, which doesn’t seemsurprising, having in mind that about 90% of women worldwide is faced with thisproblem. Experts suggest that cellulite has nothing to do with the inflammationand accumulated toxins as cellulite ‘cure’ manufacturers might claim, and that itis conditioned by hormones, genes and the anatomy. Although the problem cannotbe solved permanently, various new methods have been developed to fightcellulite.

One expensive and sometimes painfuloption is the use of lasers, which work by stimulating the production ofcollagen and thus help tighten the skin. Some laser treatments include thesuction and massage of the affected area to stimulate lymphatic drainage andget the excessive fluid out of cells. Different massage devices are also used andthey work by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. Another popular methodis the use of fat-melting injection, which contains the drug calledphosphatidylcholine. The technique of injecting the matter repeatedly under theskin is known as mesotherapy, and research is still underway to establish ifthe drug is safe or effective since it proved to cause bleeding andulcers.

Liposuction can reshape the body,but it leaves the holes in the skin, while the dents that remain after thisprocess can be filled by using person’s own fat, as suggested by some advocatesof this technique. Cellulite creams are a mixture of substances that break downfat, dilate blood vessels and firm the skin. However, fat cells contain lessthan 10% of water, which is why creams, detoxifying herbs and diuretics alonehave a temporary effect, even if they contain natural substances such asginkgo, ginger, green tea, cinnamon and black and cayenne pepper. Fat burners including forskolinand aminophylline have resulted in flab loss of about an inch, while caffeine,another fat burner, is also a common ingredient of many cellulite creams. Skinfirming creams containing vitamin C, retinol and coenzyme Q10 help in making theskin look tighter and less bumpy, thus camouflaging the cellulite.

The problem with creams likethese is that not enough of the active ingredients can penetrate the skin, andmassages and intense rubbing just slightly help the absorption. Weight loss anddieting can improve cellulite as the fat cells shrink, though nutritionistsclaim that cellulite is no special kind of fat - hence there is no single wayto remove it. Cardio workout can eliminate stored fat through the burning ofcalories, while strength exercise is an even more effective fat burner. Pilatesis Hollywood’sfavorite anti-cellulite workout, combining stretching and strengthening ofmuscles. Although many of the products and methods listed here, have not beenapproved by FDA, experts are unanimous in suggesting that losing weight helpssmooth the surface of the cellulite affected areas.

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