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Nowadays, cellulite is one of the most common and most irritating women’s problems. Cellulite is also known as the ‘orange peel syndrome’, because it resembles the skin of this fruit when compressed. It is usually located on locations like thighs, stomach, bottom, on the arms around the area of shoulders, even on the back of the neck. When it is new, we can see it only by squeezing the skin, but when it gets old, it is almost impossible to hide it.

Actually it is a type of skin disorder, an abnormality, and it is a process that develops in stages. Firstly, when the veins and capillaries get damaged, (mostly because of immobility and unhealthy foods), the blood and the lymph leak into the tissue. After that, the fat tissue becomes swollen, and the fat cells are under pressure. There isn’t enough circulation of blood, and the fat couldn’t be degraded.

So, the causes vary from hormonal to genetic factors, but the most important are eating habits and lifestyle. Although very popular, this subject is not enough explored, but it is known that there are some hot topics closely accompanied by the story of cellulite. And those are water metabolism, chronic venous insufficiency and, of course, the stress.

A lot of women rely on the home treatments (based on massages), but those who can afford them, the medical treatment is also frequently chosen. The medical treatments can be one of the following: liposuction, injections, a certain ‘lower body lift’, mesotherapy, and creams and massages as well.

But, the alternative medicine has showed better results, mostly because it cures the cause of this condition and it is not so radical. The treatments are usually based on the oxidants (such as gingko biloba) or other natural products that can reinforce the circulation of the blood and bring back the damaged skin into life. Some of those natural cures, that are very worth mentioning are the grape seed extract, kelp and other seaweed, Horse Chestnut, Gotu Kola (the most effective so far), and many other…

It is important to emphasize that caffeine is the key substance for all the cellulite treatments, mostly because it helps the blood circulation and forces the fat to be released into the circulation. It also strengthens the skin and makes it more flexible and, therefore, the cellulite less visible.

Other natural products that help fight cellulite are theophylline, Asiatic and Madecassic acid, lipase, and plant extracts like green tea.

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