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There are many ways a couple can naturally boost fertility, and one of them is yoga. Perhaps you are wondering how can yoga help when couple is trying to conceive. In order to practice yoga and boost your natural fertility, you have to be open to natural remedies such as fertility yoga. It is great to include your partner in practicing yoga. Exercise yoga as a couple can additionally bond you and it can be fun.

For example, starting a day with sun salutation is a great energizing way to start a new day. One of the reasons yoga can be helpful it is because it s natural ability to relax body and mind and release stress that is present on daily basis, not just because of regular stressors we have to cope with, but also because (in)fertility itself is stressful and hard on couples trying to conceive. As already said, yoga itself promotes relaxation, but if you find yourself still stiff and unable to relax after few bouts of fertility yoga, or even more, if you find your anxiety levels rise, you should move to a different relaxation technique. After all, yoga can help you as one of the most popular relaxation techniques for anxiety if you find it relaxing and energizing.

Yoga is not only relaxation but also represents moderate exercise and stretching. If you want fertility yoga to be helpful, you need to balance adequate, slow and deep breathing with stretching and proper movement. Breathing and proper performance of yoga poses it essential when performing fertility or any other type of yoga. This is because the idea behind (fertility) yoga is supposed to correct imbalances in the body, including infertility and this is done with precise breathing and exact body movement. You can increase fertility with yoga only if performing certain yoga poses that boost fertility. These poses include the following: Bridge Pose, Child s Pose, Cobbler s Pose, and Legs on the Wall Pose.

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