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If you want to practice yoga you can either attend yoga classes or do it at home using yoga printable exercises. Yoga printable exercises with photograph of yoga poses, known as asanas, are good option for beginning with yoga at home.

Why Doing Yoga?

Yoga is a traditional discipline that focuses on both mental and physical health. Philosophy of yoga is based on a strong connection between the mind and the body. Thus, asanas are carefully created to promote overall health and bring peace of mind through controlled breathing. Some of the benefits of yoga are, maintaining a fit body, to achieve mental balance, to reduce stress and learn how to relax, gain flexibility and stamina, and to improve mental clarity. Considering the modern lifestyle it is not surprising that people are becoming increasingly interested in yoga. Nowadays, many gyms offer yoga classes and even private classes with yoga instructor or guru. Either way, it is recommended to be supervised while learning asanas because that way you can be sure that the technique is correct. On the other hand, if you are interested in yoga but do not have enough time to regularly attend the classes or there are no yoga classes available in your neighborhood you can do it anyway at home.

Practicing Yoga at HomeFor those who want to learn yoga poses at home there are various DVD’s, books, journals and websites offered. However, it is important that any source you choose provides detailed instructions regarding the technique through pictures and words. Significance of this lies in a fact that performing incorrect asanas for longer period of time can have quite the opposite effect from desired. When you find appropriate material carefully follow the instructions while performing asanas outdoors or indoors according to your wish.

Important Things to RememberBefore you begin think of the aim of yoga and purpose of asanas. In order to become relaxed, energized and balanced you must have positive attitude and leave behind the burden of materialistic world. Yoga emphasizes importance of correct breathing while performing the poses. Breathing must be deep, controlled and rhythmic in order to increase oxygen supply. Nevertheless, each asana requires specific breathing technique thus you must be acquainted with this aspect of asanas before you start. Furthermore, each asana consists of three phases that include getting into pose, holding the pose and getting out of the pose. During certain stage you should inhale, exhale or hold your breath depending on the instructions. Keep in mind that every pose with its accompanying breathing phase aims to improve functioning of certain part of the body. Finally, in the beginning you should stay in a specific asana for minimally 30 seconds and steadily increase the time until you reach maximally suggested time for that pose. In case you feel discomfort at any point of training you can come out of pose and do it another time.

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